Dodington Family History

Dodington Hall

Dodington Hall is in the Village of Dodington, near Nether Stowey

Please select one of the following:

    map of Dodington area (1884 Ord Survey 1:10560)

    map of  surroundings (1884 Ord Survey 1:10560)

    Collinson's 1791 History of Somerset (village of Dodington)

    Magazine article describing Dodington Hall

    Origin of family name

    Dodington Hall Stained Glass description

    Somerset Magazine article on Dodington

    Quantock History of Dodington

    photo: The Great Hall

    photo: Fireplace gargoyle in Great Hall

    photo: Angel carving in Great Hall ceiling

    photo: Stained glass window in Great Hall

    photo: View of Dodington Hall from garden

    photo: Plaster coat-of-arms inside Dodington Hall

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