Dodington COAT OF ARMS

The original of the Marriott Dodington coat of arms is at the College of Arms in London, and a painted copy may be obtained for about $1000 upon application. The sketch referenced below was made from memory after a visit.

A 1623 description of the Dodington Coat of Arms is "Quarterly 1st and 4th, Sable, 3 hunting horns Argent. 2nd and 3rd, Argent, a chevron between 3 talbots' heads erased gules".   I have not seen a  representation of this text: photos below are  mostly Dodington quartered with Marriott, and one which has just the Dodington hunting horns.  The Marriott-Dodington  Coat of Arms has talbot dog on top.

sketch of Marriott Dodington Coat of Arms

photo of Coat of Arms over Horsington front door

photo of Coat of Arms in rear of Horsington Chapel

photo of old b/w copy of Marriott Dodington Coat of Arms

photo of a Dodington Coat of Arms

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