An engineer of great merit, Mr. Thomas William Kennard, who was the second son of the late Mr. R.W. Kennard M.P., has died, after some years' retirement from business, at his residence at Sunbury, on Sept 10.  One of his first important works, begun in 1854 and completed in 1857, was the Crumlin Viaduct, on the Great Western Railway Company's line, connecting Monmouthshire with Glamorganshire and South Wales.  It is a magnificent structure, over 1650 feet long and 200 ft in height, crossing a picturesque valley; this work, a bold and novel design at that time, was then considered by many engineers almost impracticable, and its successful execution, by his own patent process (Warren and Kennard's), had some difficulties to overcome.  In 1869 he left the bridge-building works he had established at Crumlin to the management of his brothers, having engaged in foreign undertakings of a similar kind, including a bridge over the Ebro, in Spain, and one over the Tagus, in Portugal, and one over the river Tiber, in Italy, where he might have been rewarded with the Roman title of "Pontifex Maximus".  He bacame engineer of the Atlantic and Great Western Railway in the United States of America, and his reputation continually increased.  Mr. Kennard was much respected by all in his employment, and enjoyed high social esteem.



We have to announce the death, at the age of 68, of Mr. Thomas William Kennard, C.E., at his residence, Orchard-House, on Sunday last.  Mr. Kennard had successfully accomplished a large number of engineering works all over the world.  He was chiefly known in Englnad as the founder of the Monmouthshire Crumlin Works, in 1854, and the designer and constructor of the Crumlin Viaduct.  This wonderful work spans the Crumlin Valley, connecting the counties of Monmouthshire and Glamorganshire.  Its length is over 1658 ft,  and the height is 200 ft.  It was opened to the public in 1857.  Another great work of his was the Atlantic and Great Western Railway, United States, of which he was Engineer-in-chief.  He had also, in connexion with the Marquis of Salamanca, designed and constructed a large number of viaducts and bridges in Spain and Italy.  Mr. Kennard was the second son of Mr. R.W. Kennard, M.P.



Death of Mr T.W. Kennard---The death is announced from Sunbury-on-Thames of Mr. T.W. Kennard (brother of the Rector, and second son of the late Mr. R.W. Kennard M.P.)  Deceased was one of the first engineers of the day.  He was best known as the designer of the Crumlin Viaduct, S.W. Mon.; he was also the designer of a large number of aquaducts and bridges in every part of the world.  He was the engineer-in-chief of the Atlantic and South Western Railway, U.S.  His decease is mourned by many friends, and his services to the engineering world will be sadly missed.

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