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1691 -- 1762

GBD  was a politician, spending over 50 years as a Member of Parliament.  During his tenure he maintained an extensive diary of political activity, and this diary was published in 1784, after his death.  Even today, it is a rich source book, by an insider, describing how British politics actually worked for 50 years.  For more information, see THE POLITICAL JOURNAL OF GEORGE BUBB DODINGTON,  which is in several editions.  The most recent was edited by Carswell, 1965, Oxford, The Clarendon Press.  In addition, see THE OLD CAUSE, by Carswell, 1954, London, The Crescent Press. (one third of this book is about GBD's political activity).  GBD inherited a large fortune from a childless uncle, and built a London Mansion (Pall Mall)  as well as a huge estate, rivaling Blenheim, at Eastbury Park.    It was said to be "exceeding large and possibly one of the heaviest piles of stone that Sir John Vanbrugh ever erected".  It cost over 140,000 pounds and required 20 years to build.  Today all that remains is one wing of the original house. A more full description appeared in 'THE LADY', page 111, 26 July 1962. 

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    Photos & Text: EASTBURY Overview & Details

    Text: a few pages on GBD from "The Old Cause"

    Text: detailed description of Eastbury, Hutchinson's Dorset

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    Text: Sir Frances Dodington, GBD, family origins

    Text: Description of LaTrappe, his London Mansion

    Photo: "SillyBub Dodington", old illustration

    Photo: Hogarth's "Chairing The Member", (parody on GBD)

    Photo: scene in Parliament showing GBD, (from TOC)

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