[A quotation from "Stained Glass in Somerset" reads:]
"DODINGTON HALL. The Great Hall. 1 Sable, three bugle horns
stringed argent, for Dodington, impaling Sable, a bend or between six
fountains, for Stourton. 2. Gules, crusilly fitchee a lion rampant argent,
for Warre, impaling a coat now lost and made up with fragments of
fifteenth-century glass. Date C. 1450.
Coloured drawings of this glass in the Braikenridge Collection in Taunton
castle show that it was originally in the church. They show also that the
Dodington and Stourton arms are parts of two different shields.
Room off the Great Hall. 1. Dodington. 2. Or, on a bend sable three pikes
argent, for Hewish. John, son and heir of John Dodington, is said to have
married Elizabeth, daughter of Oliver Hewish of Doniford, c. 1485. The
shields are of about this date. The Hewish family of Doniford more usually
shows Argent, on a bend sable three pikes of the field, but here the field
is stained yellow."

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